Which versions of the Raspberry Pi are shield compatible with?

The HAT is compatible with all Raspberry Pi which contains 40W GPIO header.

Over the USB connection to the board can I execute directly the AT commands?

Yes, you can use directly USB for AT commands. Drivers are available in the product description.For Ubuntu you won't need to install, it recognizes the device. (/dev/ttyUSB3 115200 can be used)

How do I activate the Serial of the Raspberry Pi to communicate with the module via UART?

Serial can be enabled by following the instructions below:

  1. Run sudo raspi-config.
  2. Select Interfacing Options.
  3. Select Serial.
  4. Disable Login shell to be accessible over serial.
  5. Enable Serial port hardware.
  6. Finish and reboot your Raspberry Pi.

Does this device IPv6 compatible?

Yes, It supports IPv6. Please check the AT command Guide

Is the hat compatible with the Nvidia Jetson nano?

Yes, it's compatible.

Is it possible to make a voice call with this Shield?

This Shield does not have an audio codec, as a result of which voice dialing is not possible with our Shield.

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