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Compatible Mini PCIe Modules

  • Quectel:
    • EC25 Mini PCIe 4G IoT Module
    • EC21 Mini PCIe 4G IoT Module
    • EC20 Mini PCIe 4G IoT Module
    • UC20 Mini PCIe 3G IoT Module
    • LTE-EP06
  • Sierra
    • AirPrime MC Series
  • Telit
    • LM960, LE910V2, HE910, LE910Cx, and more
  • Huawei
    • ME909s-120, ME909s-821, and more
  • Simcom
    • SIM7100, SIM7230, and more
  • ZTE
    • ZM8620, and more
  • U-Blox
    • MPCI-L2 Series

Compatible Boards

  1. Raspberry Pi 4, 3, 2, B+, A+, Zero i.e. RPi which contains 40W GPIO header.
  2. Asus Tinker Board
  3. Rock 64*
  4. Orange Pi*
  5. Samsung ARTIK’s Eagleye board*
  6. Latte Panda

Note 1

The modules’ default drivers may not work with all these mini-computers. There may need some Kernel work to implement the drivers. We’re working on Quectel Modules’ drivers to make them ready for each single-board-computer the list. Please take a look at our support section for details.

Note 2

These compatibility list created by assuming you’ve connected the Base HAT to the device via USB. UART communication can be work with every device in the list easily which has 3.3V level UART port.


For the best working condition, power the Raspberry Pi with a minimum 2 Amps 5V adapter while using the Base HAT attached.
We don’t recommend the usage of long and low-quality micro USB cables between Base Shield and Raspberry Pi. It causes data and power loss. Thus, the cable included the package works greatly.


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  • PWR LED: When the module is powered up, this RED led turns on
  • SGNL LED: This BLUE led indicates the status of the connection. When the connection is established and data is being transmitted/received, this led will blink at special intervals. Otherwise, if there is no connection, the led will remain off.
  • USER LED: It is a programmable user-led can be controlled from the GPIO27 of Raspberry Pi for debugging or just fun.


  • User Button: It is a programmable user button that is connected to GPIO22. Reads by default

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Technical Details

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