Question: If I connect an external battery on J9 pin, does the hat manage its recharging and use its power on first (before single battery)?

Answer: Only one battery can be connected to UPS HAT.

Question: Can I use this product along with Raspberry pi POE HAT as an additional power supply?

Answer: It doesn't work with PoE HAT.

Question: Can multiple 18650 cells be connected in parallel to give greater battery capacity?

Answer: No, it can't. Raspberry Pi UPS HAT only supports 18650 flat top unprotected 1 cell 3.7V Li-ion or Li-Po rechargeable batteries.

Question: Does it work with unprotected battery?

Answer: The HAT already has protection, the protected battery does not fit in the socket.

Question: Does the battery have to be a flat-top?

Answer: Yes, it does.

Question: Is there a way to connect external buttons to the S1 & S2 buttons?

Answer: Yes, there are solder pads for both switches on the underside of the board, aligned with the switches on the top.

Question: Can I use the UPS Hat management software offline?

Answer: Yes, you can use Python PMS API for this.

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