Getting Started

Keeping this pocket-sized computer Raspberry Pi alive all the time is mandatory for most of the projects. Having them on the edge need to always self-powered and recovery ability when things went wrong with the electricity. Sixfab Power Software and UPS HAT are designed to prevent any data loss when the power is gone. If you just need an uninterruptible power supply(UPS) for your Raspberry Pi built, you just need to insert a battery to HAT and you are clear to go right out of the box. The UPS HAT will not let your operating system freeze or resets while switching the source between the battery and main supply.

This section explains how you can get your HAT up ready working with your Raspberry Pi. In order to get a device connected please follow the following steps.


Please go through the technical details section.

Please go through the technical details section of the UPS HAT. This explains the behavior of LEDs and the functions of buttons.

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Getting Started

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