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Does it support Sixfab SIM?

No, Sixfab SIM is not compatible with 5G networks.

Which SIM Card does it support?

A SIM covering the frequency bands supported by the module can be used in the M.2 5G module product specifications. Ask your mobile carriers if it supports the module you are going to use.

Which antennas can I use?

In the hardware design guide provided by the module manufacturer of the module you are using, the supported features such as antenna connectors to be used, antenna impedance, frequency range, and gain are specified. Please make sure that the antenna you choose meets the requirements in the manual.

Can I purchase the HAT alone?

The HAT comes in a kit only with required components like USB bridge, enclosure, and power adapter.

Which modules does it support?

If you are going to use a modem other than Quectel and Telit 5G modems, check the modem datasheet. Please see the technical details page for details on modem compatibility.

Which SBC does it support?

The KIT can be used with Raspberry Pi 4 only.

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