This chapter introduces the description, features and application areas of Sixfab Power Management & UPS HAT v2

The power outage is a huge problem for the Raspberry Pi based projects on the field. There are infinite possibilities to cause your device unpowered for a while. A short power outage, unplanned maintenance of the transformer of your district, or an irresponsible friend can unplug the power adapter of the device to charge a smartphone. A battery backup can solve the problem but if it switches causing an instant reset on the Raspberry Pi, you may lose some data which has not been sent to the cloud yet or it still processes the data.

We designed The Power Management and UPS HAT as the ultimate solution. A real Uninterruptible power supply system to protect your data and your device when the unexpected power failure happens. You can insert a battery to the HAT and it will deal with the outages. The HAT switches between battery and adapter intelligently without letting your Pi and electronics hang up or reset. Monitoring the system power, buck-boost charge control, dynamic load sharing, and power path management ensures the power is healthy all the time. Integrated Real-Time Clock(RTC) featured microcontroller lets you schedule and full control over the power on/off tasks remotely, timely, securely. The wide range of input sources -includes solar- will provide the flexibility to choose the best option to fit your project needs.

Hardware Features

  • True Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) battery rechargeable solution without Failing the Raspberry Pi.
  • 5V to 21V Input Operating Voltage Range and Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) up to 24V Supports Solar Panels.
  • Protected 18650 Li-on Separable Battery Holder.
  • 1-cell 3.7V External Battery Input.
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi USB-C Power Supply.
  • Onboard Microcontroller manages scheduled power tasks, calendar events with Real-time Clock (RTC), hard shutdown or wake-up controls.
  • Parallel Charging up to 3 Amps while powering the system.
  • Input, System, and Battery current monitor.
  • Watchdog Timer keeps the system alive when the Raspberry Pi freezes up.
  • Control over current limits of batteries and sources with 50mA resolution.
  • Battery protection circuit enhanced with integrated temperature sensors.
  • Thermal Shutdown and Input, System, Battery Overvoltage Protection.
  • Dynamic power management boosts the system output from the battery if the needed power is more than the input supply provides.
  • Only I2C pins of Raspberry Pi is used by HAT.
  • Onboard STEMMA QT/Qwiic/JST SH connector.
  • Battery level indicator LEDs with charging/discharging status.
  • Slot for Raspberry Pi Camera Cable.
  • Optional Pogo Spring Pins for hardware shutdown or wake up(only for RPi4).

Python API

Sixfab offers Python API to integrate Power Management and UPS HAT with your Raspberry Pi.