This guide provides troubleshooting recommendations to help users explore Sixfab Power Management & UPS HAT v2 and explains how to interact with it to quickly move through the evaluation and development phases of product design.


Possible issues with J4 power input

J4 power input supports 5V to 21V input operating voltage range. You can use power supplies or solar panels but you should pay attention to many factors. Otherwise, problems will arise. If your system does not work or shuts down immediately when the J4 power input is connected, operate the system using the official Raspberry Pi USB-C power supply.

❗️ Warning

Only one of the micro USB, USB-C, J4 power inputs must be plugged in. The device may be damaged if multiple power input is used.

  • Charge the battery you have installed in the UPS HAT for at least 1 hour. The battery indicator led(L2) will be green when the battery is fully charged. Then, reconnect the J4 power input and turn it on.

  • The cable between the adapter and the UPS HAT must not be too long or too thin and must be correctly connected to the terminal block.

  • If the battery current value on the dashboard is positive, the source you connect to the J4 power input is sufficient.

If there are still problems, please send an e-mail to [email protected] and attach/provide the following information to it:

  • The screenshot of the dashboard on the power portal while the system is running.
  • Firmware version.
  • Hardware setup image or video.
  • Power supply label.