This page contains more in-depth guides for using Base HAT

🌐 Internet Connection

Basic User

Internet Connection with Base HAT using ECM Mode

Tutorials on how to configure the Quectel EC25 & Telit LE910C1 module for ECM mode on Raspberry Pi OS.

  1. Internet Connection with Quectel EC25 using ECM Mode
  2. Internet Connection with Telit LE910C1 module using ECM Mode

Intermediate User

Setting up the PPP connection for Sixfab Shield/HAT

Sixfab offers shields/HATs for Raspberry Pi which provides cellular PPP internet connection anywhere with the availability of mobile network coverage. Each of these shields/HATs can be connected to the internet via PPP(Point to Point Protocol).

QMI Interface Internet Connection Setup Using Sixfab Shield/HAT

Sixfab HATs provide 3G/4G & LTE wireless connectivity, these modems by default use the newer QMI interface as the primary connection method, as opposed to PPP over serial or direct IP as with earlier modems in the range, and are currently best supported by Raspbian OS has support for the libqmi interface tools.

Advanced User

Setting up a data connection over QMI interface using libqmi

Cellular modules that are based on the Qualcomm chipsets support the QMI interface. libqmi can be used to establish QMI interface for mini PCIe modules such as Quectel EC25, Quectel EC21, Telit LE910C4, Telit LE910C1 with the Raspberry Pi 3G, 4G/LTE Base HAT.

Other Tutorials

Sending AT Commands

Cellular modules can be controlled using AT commands. This can be done over the serial interfaces described as modem or AT commands interfaces by the manufacturer. Send AT commands using minicom step by step in this tutorial.

Read GNSS/GPS Data with Sixfab Shield/HAT

In this tutorial, we will learn how to get GNSS/GPS data using Sixfab Shield/HAT.

Using Sixfab Raspberry Pi Shield/HAT as a Wi-Fi Hotspot

If you have a Raspberry Pi with Sixfab shield/HAT connected to a Cellular Network, you can easily convert it to a Wi-Fi Hotspot. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a WiFi Raspberry Pi Hotspot with you.