Getting Started

This section will lead you step by step to create a cellular connection with the Raspberry Pi Cellular IoT Kit (LTE-M)

The Raspberry Pi 4G/LTE Cellular Modem Kit provides all the components you will need for establishing an internet connection on your Raspberry Pi using the PPP.

System Requirements

To getting started with the Raspberry Pi 4G/LTE Cellular Modem Kit, first check the following requirements.

Hardware Requirements
Raspberry Pi 3,3B+ and 4

Hardware Setup

1. Attach the mini PCIe module to the HAT

2. Attach the antenna to the mini PCIe module

Make sure the right antenna is connected to the right port. Attach LTE full band PCB antenna/LTE connector of the LTE-GNSS dual antenna to the main Antenna interface/diversity antenna interface & GPS Antenna portion goes to the GNSS antenna interface.


Telit ME910C1-WW Antenna Interface

3. Attach header and Sixfab SIM

4. Attach it to the Raspberry Pi

5. Connect the micro USB cable from the Base HAT to the Raspberry Pi

Sixfab SIM activation

Login to and register and activate a SIM from the "Assets -> Register Asset" section. Go to Assets details and check if "Status" is active.

Cellular Connection

Follow the step-by-step guide below to set up a cellular connection with PPP.