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Is it possible to send Messages (SMS) with Pico LTE?

No, The SIM used on Pico LTE is a data only SIM hence, SMS cannot be sent.

What programming language can I code with?

The Pico LTE board includes Raspberry Pi Pico W, allowing it to be programmed using MicroPython and C/C++ programming languages. Sixfab provides a MicroPython SDK to facilitate development, but there is no available SDK for C/C++.

How can I auto run the code even after reboot on Pico LTE?

Save your code as main.py in the Raspberry Pi Pico directory; It will work on boot.

Can I use both passive and active antenna for GNSS?

The Pico LTE board is designed to work only with a passive GNSS antenna. Please use only a passive GNSS antenna.