Getting Started

Hardware and Software Requirements

Sixfab CORE solution has been tested with the following hardware and Operating Systems.


  • Raspberry Pi 4 and 3B+
  • Nvidia Jetson Nano


  • Raspberry Pi OS 10(Buster) or newer
  • Ubuntu Server 20.04.3 or higher
1. Hardware Setup

To setup the hardware please follow: Raspberry Pi 3G/4G & LTE Base HAT - Getting Started

Modules supporting Sixfab CORE
  • Quectel EC25 - A, E, EUX
  • Quectel EC21 - A, E
  • Quectel EG25G
  • Telit LE910C1 - EU, NF
  • Telit LE910C4 - EU, NF
  • Telit ME910C1 - WW
2. Sign In

Head over to and log in with your credentials.

3. Register SIM

An active Sixfab SIM is required to create a device.
If you don’t have one, please register and activate a SIM from the "SIM -> Register a SIM" section.

Skip this step if you already have an active registered SIM.

4. Create Device

View your available SIM cards by going to "SIM -> My SIMs".

Click on the "Create Device" link in the row the SIM for which you will create the device.

5. Selecting Device Deployment Region

Here, choose according to your region.




For devices to be deployed Worldwide


For devices to be deployed in Europe, the Middle East and Africa


For devices to be deployed in Asia-Pacific only

6. Copy the Installation Code

7. Unplug the USB cable from the HAT

If the USB cable is plugged in, unplug the USB.

8. Run the installation code

Open a terminal on the Raspberry Pi and run the code you copied.

Warning: CORE only supports Raspberry Pi OS(previously called Raspbian)
[email protected]:~ $ sudo bash -c 'sh <( curl -sN -t YOUR_TOKEN_APPEARS_HERE' [email protected]&. %% .%@% #@@@% *[email protected]@@&. %@@@# [email protected]@&. [email protected]@% .%@@@@@%/. .%@@&. ,[email protected]@% %@@&. /@@@# *[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&, %@@&* [email protected]@& /@@@* [email protected]@@# [email protected]@&( (@@@% #@@&, *@@@* %@@&. #@@&. (@@@, ,[email protected]@( [email protected]@@( [email protected]@# %@@&. #@@&. /@@@, *[email protected]@( [email protected]@@( [email protected]@# *@@@* [email protected]@# %@@@# %@@@# #@@&, /@@@, %@@&, *@@@% [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@%. [email protected]@&, ,[email protected]@% %@@&* %@@# *#%%%#* #@@% *[email protected]@% (@@@&. [email protected]@&/ #@# #@# ____ _ __ _ ____ / ___|(_)_ __/ _| __ _| |__ / ___|___ _ __ ___ \___ \| \ \/ / |_ / _` | '_ \ | | / _ \| '__/ _ \ ___) | |> <| _| (_| | |_) | | |__| (_) | | | __/ |____/|_/_/\_\_| \__,_|_.__/ \____\___/|_| \___| ===================================================== [INFO] Creating sixfab user... [INFO] Updating sudoers... [INFO] Sudoers updated [INFO] Updating system package index... [INFO] Looking for dependencies... [INFO] Git is not installed, installing... [INFO] Pip for python3 is not installed, installing... [INFO] ifmetric is not installed, installing... [INFO] Installing Sixfab ATCom tool... [INFO] Sixfab ATCom installed [INFO] Initializing environment file... [INFO] Initialized environment file [INFO] Downloading agent source... [INFO] Installing agent dependencies... [INFO] Installed agent dependencies. [INFO] Initializing agent service... [INFO] Agent service initialized successfully. [INFO] Downloading manager source... [INFO] Installing manager dependencies... [INFO] Installed manager dependencies. [INFO] Initializing manager service... [INFO] Manager service initialized successfully. [INFO] Setting default network priority : eth0 > wlan0 > usb0 = wwan0 [DONE] Installation completed successfully. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Press ENTER to reboot your system. (Recommended) Press Ctrl+C (^C) to finish installation without reboot. Reminder: Plug the USB cable to Sixfab HAT! Warning: Network priority settings will be effective after reboot! -----------------------------------------------------------------------
9. Plug the USB cable to the HAT

Once the installation is completed successfully, Hit Enter to reboot the Raspberry Pi and then plug the USB cable to the HAT.

10. Installation Complete

Once the installation is completed, the following dashboard will appear with the device information.
After a successful connection, please wait for information to appear on the dashboard. This may take a few minutes.

📖 Firmware Check for Telit modules

Check the Firmware version under the LTE Modem

As for now, the latest FW versions are:
  • Telit LE910C1 - NF : 260009
  • Telit LE910C1 - EU : 220009
  • Telit LE910C4 - NF : M0F.660010
  • Telit ME910C1 - WW : M0B.800005
If the module has an old FW, you can find the latest FW from the Firmware tab of the product page of the module. Click on the following links for product pages: Follow the Telit Firmware Upgrade Guide

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Getting Started

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