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Is it possible to use the Power HAT and the LTE/Cellular HAT together?

Yes, you can use it together. Attach the Power HAT to Raspberry Pi first, then attach LTE/Cellular HAT on it.

What is the difference between Soft Shutdown and Hard Shutdown?

The UPS HAT offers Hard Shutdown and Soft Shutdown.

Soft Shutdown is simply shutting down the Operating System(OS) before pulling off the power of a device. This sends the OS SIGTERM signal to shutdown. All processes of the OS are notified by the signal, which gives programs time to exit cleanly. This is running sudo halt in a terminal.

On the other hand, Hard Shutdown cuts the power of the Raspberry Pi at once. Pulling off the power at once increases the risk of system file corruption, damaged SD card, etc. Pulling the power off of any running device is a bad idea.

Will the HAT work fine without the UPS battery inserted?

Yes, The UPS HAT will work without the battery inserted but the Safe Shutdown function should be disabled. With the Safe Shutdown function HAT will turn off the Raspberry Pi. Using the HAT without a battery is not recommended.

Can multiple 18650 cells be connected in parallel to give greater battery capacity?

No, it can't. The Power HAT only supports 18650 flat top unprotected 1 cell 3.7V Li-ion or Li-Po rechargeable batteries.

Is there a way to connect external buttons to the S1 & S2 buttons?

Yes, there are solder pads for both switches on the underside of the board, aligned with the switches on the top.

How many scheduled events can I create on the power portal?

You can create up to 5 events on the power portal and up to 10 events using the Python API.

Does it work with only battery power?

Yes, it works.

If I connect an external battery on J9 pin, does the hat manage its recharging and use its power on first?

Only one battery can be connected to Power HAT.

Can I use this product along with the PoE HAT?

It doesn't work with PoE HAT. If you want to use PoE, you have to use a PoE splitter. We recommend that you use this type of product. Note that you need to plug the splitter USB port to UPS HAT.

Does it work with the unprotected battery?

The Power HAT already has protection, the protected battery does not fit in the socket.

Does the battery have to be a flat-top?

Yes, it does.

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