Technical Details

What Can I Do Here? How To Use?

Here you can check the following information about the device.


Device Status

Indicates if the device is connected to Sixfab CORE.

Last Cellular Connection Status

Last cellular connection status when the device was last connected to the Sixfab CORE.

Active Interface

Interface actively used by the device.

Available Interfaces

All interfaces available on the device.

Fixed Incident Count

The count that cellular connectivity issues were resolved automatically.


The ICCID is a globally unique serial number of SIM.

Active LTE Technology

Shows the currently selected Radio Access Technology(RAT).

Roaming Operator

Shows the currently attached network operator.

Signal Quality

Shows the signal quality of the device.

Remote Terminal

The remote terminal allows users to access the deployed devices. Developers can use the Remote terminal to access files, data and develop their devices remotely without having physical access to the device. Click on the Open Remote Terminal button and start using it like any other terminal of Linux.