This chapter introduces the description, features and application areas of the Sixfab CORE

Sixfab CORE is hassle-free cellular IoT connection software for SBCs. This software offers a user-friendly experience, simplifying cellular modem setup, OS configuration, and service installation with a single click.


  • Single Step Installation: Setup your cellular modem, configure operating system, install services with just a single click.
  • Incident Prevention: CORE fights with connection losts to prevent incidents and provides highest up-time.
  • Remote Access: Access command line of edge devices on your browser from anywhere.
  • Network Diagnostics: Get diagnostics to understand and fix problems with your network and device configuration.
  • Real Time Monitoring: Monitor your Linux operating system and network status.
  • Remote Network Configuration: Update network configurations remotely at any time needed.
  • Auto Network Route Management: Sixfab CORE automatically chooses the convenient interface based on your priority list.
  • OTA Updates: Get CORE software updates for a sustainable & secure network with just one-click.


  1. Effortless Device Management:
    Sixfab CORE simplifies the management of cellular-connected devices by enabling remote monitoring of device data. This ensures that users have a comprehensive view of their devices' performance without the need for physical interaction.
  2. Remote Issue Resolution:
    Addressing issues with deployed devices becomes a hassle-free process with the remote access capabilities of CORE. Troubleshoot problems, apply fixes, and keep your devices operational without being physically present.
  3. Fast Prototyping:
    Accelerate the prototyping phase of your IoT projects with the quick and easy installation process offered by Sixfab CORE. Reduce the time spent on setting up connections, allowing for faster development cycles.
  4. Easy Debugging with Logs:
    Debugging is made accessible through self-generated logs and reporting. Identify and resolve issues swiftly with detailed logs that provide insights into the performance and behavior of your connected devices.
  5. Simplified Installation:
    The single-line command installation of Sixfab CORE minimizes the complexities associated with setting up cellular connections. Users can get their devices up and running with unparalleled ease.
  6. Self-Resolving Common Issues:
    CORE goes beyond conventional solutions by incorporating self-resolving mechanisms for common issues. This ensures that routine challenges are addressed automatically, contributing to a more robust and reliable IoT network.
  7. Seamless Updates:
    Keeping your network secure and up-to-date is effortless with Sixfab CORE's one-click OTA updates. This feature ensures that your IoT devices benefit from the latest enhancements and security patches with minimal effort.