This chapter introduces the description, features and application areas of the Sixfab CORE

Sixfab CORE is a solution for maximum LTE connection uptime and hustle-free remote access to a deployed device.


  • Single Click Modem Installation
  • Low Latency Remote Terminal Access
  • Remote Network Diagnostics
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Network Settings

What is Sixfab SIM?

Sixfab SIM is a cellular connectivity solution for connecting your IoT devices with the best global networks. You can activate and use your SIM card in a few minutes, without any contract or commitment.

What network technologies and countries do you support?

Sixfab Sim is a global SIM that can connect to 344 Networks in 174 countries across the world and compatible with almost all cellular network technologies — the exception is NB-IoT, which is not supported.

What are the advantages of Sixfab CORE?

  • Provides/Allows effortless management of cellular-connected devices by remote monitoring device data
  • Resolving issues of the deployed devices using remote access to the devices
  • Fast prototyping
  • Easy debugging using self-generated logs and reporting
  • Easy installation with single line command
  • Self-resolving common issues
  • Easy updates