Can't find the answer you're looking for? We've shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!

Can I use SIM other than the Sixfab SIM?

Sixfab CORE solution doesn't support other SIM. For different SIM user should follow the user manual of the mini PCIe module.

If the device eventually disconnects from 4G network, will it reconnect automatically or do we have to run some kind of script to force it to reconnect?

Yes, there is an agent working above the network manager and supervising the connection health. If there is an issue related to the modem or OS, it reconfigures the modem or does restart or power cycle of the modem to recover LTE connection in seconds. You do not need to write your own reconnection script to maintain stability.

Can I use Sixfab CORE with Cellular IoT HAT?

Sixfab CORE does not support Cellular IoT HAT.

After installing your software with your script, will it run automatically after power on so that we don't have to do anything else to get internet access?

Yes, CORE is an experience like you connect your device via an ethernet cable to the internet. After the first installation, the power cuts or reboots do not affect the connection performance.

How do I uninstall a device on Sixfab CORE?

Uninstall with the following command:

sudo bash -c "$(curl -sN https://install.connect.sixfab.com)" -- --uninstall

How does your software decides whether to use the Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi interface or use the LTE connection? Could it prioritize Wi-Fi connection and if it detects that Wi-Fi connection is not reaching internet then switch to LTE and then back to Wi-Fi when Wi-Fi is reaching internet again?

Yes, there is a built-in network priority. You can put the interface in a list and order them, so it will switch between when a higher priority network is lost and switches back when it recovers. It's easy to do on CORE by drag and drop interfaces to determine priority. You can change it later on the air as well.

Which would be the cost per month for each device if we deploy 150 devices?

The Sixfab CORE is free forever. There is no additional fee as long as you use Sixfab SIM connectivity.

How can I get this remote terminal access programmatically?

The remote terminal can only be accessed on the browser.