Getting Started

Hardware Prerequisites

Hardware Setup

1. Insert your SIM card into HAT

2. Attach the HAT to the Raspberry Pi

Software Setup

We can reach the internet with Tracker HAT and Raspberry Pi.

PPP(Point-to-Point Protocol) is a data layer communication protocol that is established through the serial port of the modem. These Serial port communication could be either the UART(/dev/ttyS0) or the serial exposed to USB(/dev/ttyUSB3). This serial is also used for both modem commands (AT commands) and responses. This connection is established by dial-up (ATD*99#)

PPP is easy to establish, widely used protocol, and flexible with the devices. PPP may show a drop of the connection while using the AT command set for other functionality of modem.

The LTE radio protocol has native support of TCP/IP and IPv6, so there is no need to actually wrap TCP/IP into PPP over the radio interface. The PPP protocol is just used between the computer and the modem to make the connection look like a legacy dial-up modem-based network connection.

Library Installation

Clone the Library Github repo to your Raspberry Pi

git clone

Change your directory into the downloaded repo.

cd Sixfab_RPi_Tracker_HAT

Install the library using the following command.

sudo python3 install

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Getting Started

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