This is a handy interface bridge between Mini PCIe 3G/4G/LTE modules and Raspberry Pi. You can easily insert a Mini PCIe module in this shield then start using high-speed cellular internet with your Raspberry Pi. You also need to get a UC20 Mini PCle 3G Module or EC25 Mini PCle 4G/LTE Module and Antennas to make this product works.

There is an updated version available: Raspberry Pi 3G/4G & LTE Base HAT


Adding ultra-fast cellular internet communication features to your Raspberry Pi has never been easier until you get this shield. This is a handy interface bridge between Mini PCIe 3G/4G/LTE modules and Raspberry Pi. You can easily insert a Mini PCIe module in this shield then start using cellular internet with your Raspberry Pi. Both UART and USB communication with modules is available.

It can be used as an LTE modem or dongle. If you’re looking for a Raspberry Pi LTE HAT for applications like Raspberry Pi video streaming or high-speed data transferring, this Sixfab Base Shield is here to help. Making a remote controllable LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot, high-speed GPS tracking, VoIP, more and more use case is possible with his add-on board.

Depends on your region and data rate need, you can choose an LTE module from a variety of options are available in the market from different cellular module vendors. The full list of the compatible modules mentioned below. For global 3G coverage, we suggest Quectel UC20 3G Module, and for high-speed LTE connection, we suggest Quectel EC25 LTE Module, are available at Sixfab right now.


  • Fully compatible with Raspberry Pi models that have the 40-pin GPIO header (4, 3, 2, B+, A+, Zero)
  • Easy-to-use, simple setup, plug-and-play.
  • Clip-in Mini PCIe socket compatible with worldwide LTE, UMTS/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS/EDGE coverage with regional or global modules which work with different frequencies & carriers.
  • With the 4G/LTE Module(e.g Quectel EC25) you can reach 150Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink data rates. And the 3G Module( e.g Quectel UC20) delivers the maximum data rate of 14.4Mbps downlink and 5.76Mbps uplink.
  • Micro SIM Card socket can easily reachable on the upside of the shield.
  • Can be used standalone with PC/Laptop over micro USB, without stacking with Raspberry Pi.
  • The shield can be powered from an external 5V source by exposed power pins, directly from Raspberry Pi 5V GPIO headers or over micro USB. A specially designed 90-degree right angle micro USB cable is included to package as a gift by default.
  • Efficient and low quiescent current regulator circuit can hold up to 3.6A.
  • Optional Send/Receive commands over Raspberry Pi UART port is available.
  • Taking the module into the Airplane Mode, resetting module or RI and DTR functions can be done over GPIO pins.
  • The modules(EC25&UC20) have built-in GNSS(GPS/GLONASS) receiver for your location-based applications.
  • Working temperature range: -40°C ~ 80°C.

Key Application

  • Video/Music Streaming
  • Large Data Downloads and Uploads
  • LTE Dongle/Router
  • Mobile Internet Hotspot
  • High-speed GPS Tracking
  • Real-time Environmental Monitoring
  • Smart City & Agriculture Applications
  • Smart Parking
  • Security & Asset tracking

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