This endpoint has been deprecated and will be removed in the near future. Kindly utilize the new "Assets" API as a replacement.

Update a SIM by its SID.

sid — string, required
The SID of the SIM resource.

name — string, optional
A name for the SIM.

fleet — string, optional

default_100mb: Default networks with 100MB data usage restrictions.

default_1gb: Default networks with 1GB data usage restrictions.

default_10gb: Default networks with 10GB data usage restrictions.

default_unlimited: Default networks without data usage restrictions.

status — string, optional

active: Activate the SIM, allow SIM to connect to data-towers when you activate a SIM. If its not charges for current month yet, we will charge 2$ (1.6$ for customers who has more than 10 active SIMs) monthly SIM price.

inactive: Deactivate the SIM, prevent SIM from connecting to data-towers.

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